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Do you accept insurance?

Yes. Yuling Liu is a contracted, in-network occupational therapist provider with Regence, Kaiser Permanente and Premera. Private pay is also accepted. 


What are your rates for private pay occupational therapy sessions?

Please  contact Yuling Liu for more information regarding the rates. Evaluation and treatment sessions vary in duration and frequency based on your child's needs. 

Where are services provided?

Yuling Liu currently provides evaluations and treatment sessions in home in North Seattle, Snohomish county, and virtual sessions to any child in Washington state. 

 How can I get my child started in occupational therapy?

Please  contact Yuling Liu for a free 15-minute phone consultation. She will discuss your concerns and determine if the services will be a good fit for your child. An online intake packet will be sent to your email, and once completed, you will be able to schedule an evaluation. 

 What does an evaluation look like at Blooming Pediatric Therapy?

​An evaluation consists of interviewing the caregiver to document concerns, an informal evaluation of your child's developmental skills by observing their spontaneous play skills and/or administering a standardized assessment. If your child has been evaluated by an outside source such as a school occupational therapist or by another clinic within the past year, an evaluation may not be required, and recent evaluation results can be used to guide treatment planning.

What does a treatment session look like at Blooming Pediatric Therapy?

​Treatment sessions are typically 60 minutes, but the frequency and duration (e.g., 1x a week for 60 minutes) of your child's sessions will be individualized to support their specific needs. Caregivers are encouraged to observe and participate in the occupational therapy session so treatment strategies can be implemented within the home environment.

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